A Journey into the past, in ‘De Kop van North-Holland’

Schagen is only 10 minutes by car, North of Oudkarspel in ‘De Kop’ (the head) of North-Holland. The city is nationally known for its West Frisian folklore market and Paasvee exhibition. The Paasvee exhibition is an annual exhibition that takes place ten days before Easter. Although the goal is to sell livestock, the market has now grown into a special event, that takes place from noon in and around various catering establishments.

The West Frisian folklore market has existed since 1953 and takes place around Easter every Thursday, spread out over 10 weeks. Each day is devoted to the way people in this area lived in the year 1910. The people that take part in the celebrations will wear traditional, characteristic costumes and throw a special parade, where you will see authentic horse and carriages pass by.

Automuseum Schagen
Oldtimers, oldtimers and more oldtimers! In the Schagen Automobile Museum you will find a beautiful collection and learn about its history. Arie Kapitein, the founder of the Automobile Museum, will take you on a journey through history and tell you everything you want to know about the first cars on the planet.

For example, did you know that the first truck was a converted 1931 T-Ford? If you are curious about the history of different car brands from Europe and America, go to the Auto Museum in Schagen for an educational day out.

How about an evening at the cinema? In Schagen you will find Cinemagnus; a relatively small cinema with a choice of the best films. The international films have Dutch subtitles and are usually spoken in English.

Restaurant TOV
This excellent restaurant brings quality, originality and craftsmanship to the table. The name TOV stands for Team Onvergetelijk Verassend (Team Unforgettable Surprising) and that is exactly what you can expect when you take a seat at their dinner table.